Assisted living

Board and care

Two facilities located in Simi Valley CA

The Bradley House I & II:

I:4031 Apricot Rd, Simi Valley CA 93063

II:805 Erringer Rd, Simi Valley CA 93065


For over 20 years The Bradley House has prided itself on providing personalized care for its residence.

Assisted Living, Specializing in Memory Care, Dementia, Alzheimers. Rehab, Diets, Physical therapy, Palliative care, and Hospice. 24 hour secured, supervision with night caregivers. Caregiver ratio is 2 highly trained caregivers for 6 residents or less.
Established in 1997.
Started with my grandmother that had severe Dementia and I couldn't take care of her anymore. I tried 3 board & cares, and they all neglected her and over medicated her without my knowledge so she slept all the time. They were a cold atmosphere with no life and little English speaking back in 1996. So I started my own with Grandma Betty that was a cozy homey place, with homemade foods, good smells, full of life and TLC, see for yourself we have alot of training and experience thru the years We are a family owned business with nursing on staff. Try a smaller venue for your loved one for more one on one care. A large facility is averaging 16 clients for one caregiver. They get lost in the shuffle, and have falls no one is looking after them. Memory care folks need to have the same familiar faces working with them and a quiet atmosphere with a routine. Come and visit us!! Thanks for your consideration, Charisse Bradley

Welcome to the Bradley house I & II



Charisse Bradley (805) 404-6516